Oct 13, 2012

Bum Rush the Spot-Brooklyn Edition(Under the BQE)

This event was held by Pontus Alv from Carhartt and Polar Skate Co and the Polar team.It seems like fun.

Quote from VHSMAG and YouTube:Pontus Alv and the Polar team traveled to NYC this fall to shred the streets and film for their upcoming video. Teaming up with Joel Meinholz and Fred Gall they built a new obstacle at the DIY spot under the BQE expressway in Brooklyn. After almost getting shut down by a massive storm and the NYPD, the cement dried just in time for us to throw a Bum Rush the Spot event and a whole slew of northeastern skaters showed up to show their support. Thanks to Converse, KCDC, Theories, Thrasher, Loud Headphones and I Am Your Villain for their support.

Polar Skate Co Carharttに所属するポンタス・アルヴがNYのブルックリンにDIYスポットを設置して行ったイベントの映像す。NYローカルの楽しそうでハイレベルなセッションは見逃せません。

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