Oct 14, 2012

The Hasselblad Lunar Camera

Quote from HUH.

Hasselblad, a camera company best known for their medium format models, are planning to release a mirrorless digital camera which will feature key parts made by Sony, such as a 24.3MP CMOS sensor, OLED True Finder EVF, and a TriNavi system allowing for faster and more intuitive fine-tuning of camera settings. Named The Hasselblad Lunar, the model's design is rather unique and will be made from a mixture of wood, leather and precious materials to give it a luxury product feel. Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman and CEO said:

 "It has always been my ambition to enable all fans of the iconic Hasselblad brand to have an opportunity to own one of our cameras. The company mission is to develop exceptional products at the very top end of the market segments in which we operate."
It seems Hansen's idea of what is affordable might be a little different to the average consumer however, as this camera will come with a price tag of $6,500 USD (approx. £4000).

スウェーデンの高級カメラメーカーであるHasselbladからミラーレスカメラが出るとの事です。2013年の第1四半期の発売予定となり、価格は5000ユーロ前後(6500ドル前後)でソニーE・Aマウントの交換レンズと互換性があるようです。 グリップには本物の木を使用、カメラにはカーボンファイバーとチタン、革、金も使用されているなどさすが老舗高級カメラメーカーのこだわりが随所に表れています。従来のミラーレスカメラには無い個性的なデザインも魅力です。

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