Dec 10, 2012

Lucien & Steph - City of Rats

Lucien Clarke & Steph Morgan - City Of Rats from Slam City Skates on Vimeo.

もう2週間ほど前になりますがLucien ClarkeとSteph MorganのCITY OF RATSでのパートがWEBに公開されていました。このブログでも前に紹介したPALACEとも関係性の深い彼らを含むSlam City Skatesから発表されたこのDVDは必見です。

Lucien and Steph have been shredding the streets of London together for over a decade now. The Original Skate Rat tag-team, they have always pushed and supported each other whilst periodically putting out the highest quality parts dating all the way back to Ian Passmore's Hello Coco. With differing yet complimentary styles, between them they will always have something for whatever haggard street nugget they come across. It only seemed right that in Slam's first full length production they share a part, the part I always wanted to make.
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