Jan 19, 2013

Flybikes in Vigo and San Sebastian.

Flybikes in Vigo and San Sebastian. from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Flybikesから新しいフッテージが公開。 それぞれのライダーごとのスタイルで スペインの2つの街を縦横無人に駆け抜けています。それを洒落たカット、スロー映像で巧くまとめています。それぞれのクリエイティブなセクションの使い方は必見です。
Quote from vimeo:As the warm days of this past summer wind down, members of the Fly team visit the birth place of Fly Bikes itself, Vigo Spain for its annual “Marisquiño contest”, and although hanging out and seeing old friends is always fun, enjoying the many untapped street spots that Vigo has to offer is the real reason the crew’s in town. With an extra week, Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner, Courage Adams and Rubén Rodriguez make good use of their limited time, and when they’ve had their fill of Vigo they head North and spend they’re remaining few days shredding the streets of San Sebastian.

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