Mar 4, 2013

Mike Giant – Handstyle History Lesson

illustrator、tattooer、graffiti artist等の顔を持つ巨匠Mike Giantが自らのハンドスタイルの生み出された背景を説明している様です。芸術が生み出される瞬間を是非。
Quote from HYPEBEAST:Titled ‘Handselecta. Flip The Script,’ the above video has illustrator, tattooer, graffiti artist and REBEL8 co-founder Mike Giant — Michael LeSage to his familiars — discuss a bit about his upbringing in the arts, and more specifically graffiti handwriting. Since moving to New Mexico in 1979, Mike was exposed to ‘Cholo’ aesthetics which has played a pivotal part in the work he creates to this day. While explaining the way it has influenced him and the history behind the handstyle, we get to watch as Mike displays a number of impromptu pieces on his own sketchbook that helps paint a picture of the subject at hand.

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