Jul 6, 2013

Through Say's Eyes

Matt Slumworm Reyes "360"
 Devon Lawson "Ice Pick Grind"
 Devon Lawson "360"
Anthony Combs "Barspin To Feeble"

 On July 4th "Independence Day",Many people were off and SF is a little bit different,comparing with this usual city. But our lifestyle was almost same as usual and we went riding for filming. Anthony stayed in SF and  I could great times with him. Always seeing him is awesome for me. I took some photos of my great homies of the day and posted them. Check em out.
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7月4日はアメリカ独立記念日でした。多くの人にとって仕事や学校が休みで街全体もどこかふわふわとしている中、彼らの、僕らのライフスタイルにさほど変化はなくいつも通り街を駆け巡りfilmingを行いました。アンソニーがSan JoseからSFに来ていたので久しぶりに彼と良い時間を過ごすことができました。

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