Aug 15, 2013


MATT REYES | WHEEL TALK 2013 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

 Finally a new edit of my great friend Matt Slumworm Reyes from Wheeltalk came up a few days ago. He is not only one of the best fgfs riders but also he is a great film maker. It should be so hard that a filmmaker get his own clips but he always makes it. He has many talent and his own style of riding n editing  I cannnot help calling him "genius". 
 All the tricks in this video are so good and unbelievable for me and when I watched this video for the first time hanging out at his house, I said "Unbelievable." to him. And then he said "No,everything is believable. Everything is possible." . Then I just realized thats why he can make great things like that and respected him more. Anyway I let this video talk to u guys.Just check it out.

 ついにMatt ReyesからWheeltalk 2013と題された映像がアップされました。まぎれもなく最高といっていえる映像であり、彼のライディング、エディッティング、そしてこう撮ってくれとフィルマーに的確に指摘するフィルミングのセンスは本当に感服します。
 ”For The Clip"で仲間とともに街を駆け抜け、街に挑み続ける彼らは僕にとってはまさにヒーローです。ぜひこの映像をチェックしてみてください。

Wallride to 180
Nose tap to wheelie to double peg to tooth pick

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