Sep 18, 2013

Getting ready and got ready for the clip


 In the wheeltalk invades Japan tour,we went to my school in Fukuoka city to check spots for filming and I showed Ed Wonka this spot of 14 stairs and a rail. Nobody had hit the spot in FGFS riders until then and I always imagined like" if Ed Wonka came to this spot,he would make something here." when I saw this spot. Not only I.My friends in the city too. 
 So it was weird a little bit and so exciting for us that he came here and was trying to make something actually. After we arrived here, He and Slum just took 3 or 5 minutes to get ready for the clip talking something and setting the camera. And after that Ed made the trick easily in his first try and everybody there was so stoked. My buddy Nao was there too and he just said "I feel like Im dreaming...". That was so impressive. I will post the picture of the trick soon too.

 来日した海外ライダーの4人の滞在中、彼らを連れて撮影のため僕らが通っている学校を訪れました。そこには様々なスポットがあるのですが、この写真に写っているこのスポットは未だFixed gear bikeで攻めたものはおらず、もしWonkaがきたら簡単に何かをやってくれるんだろうなあと、このスポットを見るたび有り得ないこととしてよく友達と話したものでした。だからこそ実際にWonkaその人がこの14段ステアの頂上に立ちこのスポットを見下ろしている姿は僕らにとってどこか不思議で勿論とても興奮させるものでした。
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