Jun 5, 2014

RSK in Fukuoka city April 2014

 南大阪を中心に活動するbike crewの”Soyng”の中心メンバーであり"Us Versus Them"のライダーでもあるRSKことRyosukeが4月末に来福し4日間ほど滞在しました。今回の来福がもう3度目ということもあり福岡の街や人ともとても馴染んでいました。
 来福前に彼はUs Versus Themによるタイへのツアーに参加し、そこで世界トップライダーと共に行った撮影やイベント、そして毎日現地で共に過ごした時間を通してさらにスキル、バイブスアップした成長した姿を見せてくれました。天気には恵まれませんでしたが、彼の持前の気合いと集中力のおかげで良いクリップをいくつか残すことができ、その撮影を見ていた福岡の若手も多くの刺激を得ることができたようでした。

 Ryosuke aka RSK from "Soyng" and "Us Versus Them" came to Fukuoka city in the end of April and stayed at my house for 4days to meet up with me and film some clips after I came back here from SF. 
 Before his coming,he joined "the Us Versus Them Thailand tour" and he looked like having really good days with the top riders of the team out there and his skills got way crazier through the experience.
 While his staying, I cannot say the weather was good but we got some good clips in limited time because of his good motivation. And his riding made riders out here stimulated to their riding. Glad we had good times together.
 These are screenshots of some clips of him I filmed. Keep your eyes open to his new edit coming up.
Photos&posted by Say

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